EXGATE’s system stands alone from the crowd

Ready Turn-Key Trading Solution for Institutions and Professionals

Brokerages, Market Makers, Hedge Funds, High Frequency Traders, Money Managers, Trusts and Exchange-to-Exchange

Industry Standard MetaTrader4 (MT4) Interface with FIX Bridge and Multiple MT4 Plug-Ins for Global Wall Street adoption of Physical Bitcoin Trading and Delivery Capabilities

Written in Generic Native C to Improve Hardware Adoption, Latency and Digital Currency Implementation

Web Browser Interface and Mobile App Capabilities for Expanded Economic Appeal beyond MT4 Users

Bitcoin PHYSICAL Delivery to and from any External Corporate Wallet to Clients Trading Accounts

PHYSICAL Bitcoin Trading Capabilities directly to open markets of FOREX, Commodities, Metals and Energy

Currency Conversion Built-In Capability

Customized Instant Risk Management at Exchange Level and Micro-Level per Exchange per Tradable Instrument Feature

Best Bid & Offer Matching from Multiple Exchanges, Financial and Non-Financials facilitating Institutional Size Trading

Matching and Limit Order Capability enables 24/7 Trading in Bitcoin and FOREX

Routing of Limit Orders to Liquidity Providers or the capability to Match In-House Client-toClient

Algorithmic Trading Ready with Instant Switching feature to change Pre-Loaded Program Models

Market Inversion Trading Opportunities through Proprietary Engine Not available on standard MT4

Latency Sensitive Goals currently at <.10ms with short term Objective of <25us

Bitcoin Exchange System upgrade as a PARTIAL or FULL-SOLUTION to comply with Industry Standard Trading Systems Exchange-to-Exchange

MT4 Community of over 1 million worldwide can now access Bitcoin on a PHYSICAL DELIVERY basis through the EXGATE Solution

Complete Industry Standard Back-End , Risk Management Tools, Institutional Reporting/Tracking and Functionality

Virtual Real Time Demo Trading Platform

Full Integration Capabilities to all Professional Trading Platforms and Operating Systems not just MT4

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