Exgate Ltd and JSC Caufex welcome BitStamp as the newest Liquidity Provider

Exgate Ltd and JSC Caufex welcome BitStamp as the newest Liquidity Provider

Exgate Ltd and JSC Caufex welcome BitStamp as the newest Liquidity Provider

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New York, NY – February 17, 2015 – Today Exgate LTD ( www.exgate.com), a full turn key exchange based software as a service ( SaaS) solution provider and JSC Caufex (www.caufex.com), a fully licensed Electronic Commodities and Derivatives Exchange, announced the full integration of BitStamp into it’s liquidity pool.
Gregory Mazzeo, Exgate LTD. Chief Executive Officer stated, “The addition of BitStamp into the JSC Caufex liquidity pool reaffirms our goals to have the top exchanges all over the world participate in conjunction with our state of the art exchange technology furthering our commitment to expand our users opportunities to the best liquidity and pricing available in the market”.


The EXGATE system is the first and only fully customizable turn-key end-to-end trading solution for Brokerages, Market-Makers, Hedge Funds, High Frequency Traders, Professionals and Exchanges. EXGATE is a global Electronic Communication Network (ECN) solution which connects multiple liquidity providers and multiple asset classes through it’s FIX API to achieve Best Bid/Offer Pricing and Matching capability through it’s FIX Engine with enables 24/7 Trading. Through Exgate’s proprietary FIX Bridge, clients are able to access the Metatrader4 platform which allows the Conversions and Delivery of Physical Bitcoins against all major Currencies. In early December 2014 Exgate entered into a partnership with Bitreserve (www.bitreserve.org) and JSC Caufex to expand their combined technologies and clearing capabilities to perform the world’s first fully transparent, real-time settlement Clearing and Custody service. For more information please contact : info@exgate.com or business@caufex.com


Bitstamp was founded in 2011 and since then became the world’s leading bitcoin exchange. Tracing its beginnings to the first generation of exchanges, Bitstamp is compliant with EU, UK, and US regulations. Bitstamp provide their customers with an easy to use, secure and reliable service. Strong believers in transparency and innovation, Bitstamp’s main commitment is to always put customers first. Bitstamp is the only major bitcoin exchange incorporating the industry’s best security practices available to date. It allows business and individuals from all over the world to buy and sell bitcoins 24/7 through API or the Tradeview trading interface. They rely on multiple banking relationships for multi-currency deposits and withdrawals. For more information, please contact info@bitstamp.net.

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