What services does EXGATE provide?

We offer solutions that allow trading in over 60 currency pairs as well as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, US Crude UK Brent as well as certain indices. Our technology enables trading in PHYSICAL Bitcoin versus the dollar, euro, pound, yen and etc.


What liquidity options are available?

Our solutions ensure you to:

  • Receive the combination of tightest spreads and superior liquidity.
  • Customizable liquidity hub
  • Connect any liquidity providers to our EXGATE BBO / FIX engine
  • Connect any 3rd party trading system with FIX connectivity capability


Do I have to have a PC for MT4 or can I use my Mac OR IOS or Android smart phone systems?

  • You can either directly download MT4 to your PC or fill out the registration form and receive detailed instructions for almost all systems you want to trade on including Mac, IOS, and Android.

       *If you are having trouble seeing the “code” on MAC or iphone please use Google Chrome

  • Other professional FOREX trading systems also supported


Can EXGATE solution users deposit Bitcoin physically and trade?

       Yes, if your company or brokerage uses our system, your clients can deposit their Bitcoins in their MT4 account, make trades, and in the end, deposit the Bitcoins back to their external wallets.


I can not tell these systems apart by the websites?

  • Our partners and programers have been designing banking and brokerage solutions since 1989.
  • We are the only company to offer physical delivery of Bitcoin through the MetaTrader 4 system, which is the most widely used industry standard FOREX trading system in the world with over 1 Million users
  • Our offices are in London with a sister office in New York City, and many of us live in New York. Visit us OR email us OR call us.


What if I want to trade FOREX, since EXGATE is not a registered FOREX company?

  • All client accounts and trading activities are managed by EXGATE’s partner JSC CAUFEX- Electronic Commodities and Derivatives Financial Exchange (http://www.caufex.com)


Has EXGATE made any regulatory filings?

      Currently we only offer our solutions as a solution supplier.


Where can I receive information about Bitcoin?


*HEY, I’m a professional and want more technical details, this all sounds to simple!

OK, Let’s start broad and go deep, our technical guys like to show off their system.


Fundamental Themes

  • Comprehensive business solutions: End-to-end fully secured solution, scalable to the FOREX $4 Trillion a day world
  • Connectivity: FIX Engine, FIX access point FIX API, FIX MetaTrader 4 (MT4) bridge, Bitcoin digital currency global system
  • Liquidity: Best bid and offer (BBO) engine, order matching system, limit orders on our system or on exchange, premier customized turn-key liquidity solution implementation in accordance to the customer’s business requirements and specifications
  • Trading: Customizable matching systems, customizable BBO system, EXGATE™ Pro Trader, customized MT4 server, Crypto currency exchange system


An Integrated FX Approach

EXGATE™ is truly unique in offering end-to-end institutional and retail Crypto currencies, FX, Commodities, Metals, Energy products, and CFD’s trading solutions. The customized MetaTrader4 server allows to:

  • Exchange fiat to crypto currencies, and crypto to fiat currencies with a Bitcoin physical delivery
  • Trading FX currency pairs with initial deposits and P/L (Profit and Loss) in Bitcoins (BTC)


Prime Liquidity Services

Our solutions ensure you to receive the combination of tightest spreads and superior liquidity.

A key feature of EXGATE™ is that we can build a customizable liquidity pool for you, which will tremendously enhance your business operation and revenue generation by:

  • Connecting your existing or potential liquidity providers to our EXGATE™ FIX/BBO engine in a shortest period of time
  • Connecting any 3rd party trading system having FIX connectivity capability to our EXGATE/BBO engine. Or customize a solution if FUX API is not available
  • Managing your operational risk by executing on the best bid offer on multiple liquidity sources
  • Providing your Customers/Members/Traders with the tightest spreads and best liquidity
  • Discovering and publishing Best Bid Offer prices on your corporate website. And routing large trades automatically in pieces to the BBO


Liquidity Provision and Support

EXGATE™ liquidity aggregation technology supports FIX APIs provided by the world’s largest liquidity sources including commodity and alternative exchanges, such as ECNs (Electronic Communication Networks), banks, FX brokerage houses, Hedge funds, and algorithmic trading firms.

Our market data aggregation, Best Bid and Offer, order matching and risk management technology integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, giving you the power of optimizing trading processes, managing your accounts and providing your customers executable prices with the tightest spreads.



  • EXGATE™ is a unique highly flexible, scalable, real-time order processing management system.
  • EXGATE™ BBO (Best Bid and Offer) and Order Processing Matching Engine in a combination with FIX Engine is an efficient and cost- effective way for exchanges, banks and brokerage houses to strengthen their straight through processing (STP) trading capabilities and access better prices and deeper liquidity, with full-service of direct market access (DMA) functionality.
  • EXGATE™ Engine represents a highly optimized software, including feed handler and order processing capability. And was developed using efficient native C language and Linux/Unix operating system for optimization of decoding time, throughput and unique <0.1 millisecond end-to-end order processing ultra-low latency. Ideally designed for subscribers who want to leverage their own direct market access and infrastructures.
  • EXGATE™ API connectivity module gives you a capability of unified access to all available market data sources. Increased automation of the entire trading process leads to greater accuracy and less manual intervention in trading processes. The functionality includes:

         ◦    Access to different markets and asset classes

         ◦    Access to deeper liquidity and better prices

         ◦    Automatic execution on live, streamed exchange, bank, prime broker prices; elimination    of pre-transaction requests for quote Accurate, automated give-up notification and confirmation

         ◦    Seamless, straight through clearing and settlement options

         ◦    Automatic application of spreads to streamed, executable prices on customer-by-customer basis

         ◦    Real-time check of daily limits

         ◦    Application of defined and flexible trading parameters

         ◦    Enhanced control over buy and sell side FX trading activity

         ◦    Private label service options

         ◦    Direct algorithmic trading integration capabilities via EXGATE™ FIX API


Comparison Advantages

Offered technological products and their functionality:

  • EXGATE™ BBO Engine performs price aggregation from multiple liquidity providers, while prices are received calculates in real-time the best bid and offer prices and streams them into EXGATE™ FIX API
  • EXGATE™ Matching engine matches clients market and limit orders and streams them into EXGATE™ FIX API
  • EXGATE™ Matching engine offers a true Exchange environment and allows the Subscriber to provide 24×7 operations even in FOREX market, when clients can place their limit orders and trade between themselves
  • EXGATE™ FIX Engine in a combination with EXGATE™ FIX API outputs system real-time prices and order execution capabilities
  • EXGATE™ BBO/Matching engine supports connections with multiple MT4 Servers providing individually separate settings of a data feed and order execution capabilities to each of them
  • EXGATE™ FIX API represents EXGATE™ System output and allows any outside system (MetaTrader, J-Trader, cTrader, ect.) to connect to EXGATE™ System
  • EXGATE™ FIX MT4 Bridge allows to connect any MT4 Server to EXGATE™ FIX API to receive real time quotes and process/ STP orders
  • EXGATE™ Web Server also written in generic “C” language is pre-built into EXGATE™ engine and supports browser- based EXGATE Risk Management Terminal



EXGATE™ Risk management Terminal is secured browser-based graphical user end. It is a complete Risk Management application, which can be launched on any smart phone that creates a convenient back up option to manage business via the phone. The functionality of EXGATE™ risk management terminal includes, but is not limited to:

  • Enable and disable trading (Trading ON/OFF)
  • Watch the depth of the market in a combination of incoming data feed and available quantity
  • Watch system quoting order book output including placed Limit orders
  • Sell and buy order submission including book swap for every single tradable instrument
  • Activate and deactivate liquidity lines instantly and individually or by asset
  • Route orders or cross trade capabilities
  • Customize and manage the liquidity hub
  • Change Liquidity routing settings
  • Have access to the transactional reporting system at the level of every single liquidity provider and every single trading system (MetaTrader, J-Trader, etc.) connected to EXGATE™ engine via ECBPIT™ FIX API
  • Access to the real time financial information, such as balance, equity, used margin, usable margin, gross/net P/L, margin call of every single liquidity provider and B2B client (trading system) connected to EXGATE™ Engine via EXGATE™ FIX API
  • Access position information for every single liquidity provider and B2B client (trading system) connected to your EXGATE™ Engine via EXGATE™ FIX API
  • Access to real time risk management blotter including average buy and sell prices, amounts, mark-to-markets amounts, offset ON/OFF settings for each tradable instrument
  • Access to the real time transactional position blotter showing open positions for each tradable instrument
  • Access position information for every liquidity provider account same as client account
  • Access position reconciliation trading capabilities automatically showing default amounts due to be reconciled Access to messages in logs


Modified MT4 Server

  • Currency conversion abilities
  • Fiat and Crypto currency, currently Bitcoin/BTC physical exchange
  • FOREX operation with Clients Initial Deposits and P/L calculation in BTC
  • Modified Demo registration MT4 plugin allowing automatic registration of 2 accounts – in USD and BTC
  • Trading of FOREX products using both-USD and BTC accounts
  • While trading FOREX products the P/L is calculated in USD when using USD account; and BTC when using BTC account.
  • BTC/USD exchange for physical delivery
  • EXGATE™ Crypto BTC Server side handles digital wallet with instant generation and BTC physical delivery from subscriber digital wallet to customer outside digital wallet depending on subscriber’s business model
  • BTC physical delivery upon receiving customer’s withdrawal requests BTC instantly delivery right after BTC buy transaction
  • Developers corner: institutional and individual developers can develop, test, and run applications using programming languages for algorithmic trading using EXGATE™ Engine’s FIX API connectivity.
  • EXGATE™ Engine and EXCPIT™ BTC server via EXGATE™ FIX API are also used by Bitcoin ATM manufactures and operators to support Bitcoin and Fiat currency physical exchange for both- BUY and SELL orders. It’s customized EXGATE™ FIX Engine supports all kind of messages required to operate Bitcoin ATM Kiosks


Risk Management at Bitreserve

Bitreserve recognizes that risk management is the inherent core responsibility of the management team and is supported at all levels.  As a result, an Enterprise Risk Management Program is in place to provide a holistic and integrated approach to risk management activities for all Bitreserve global operations and locations.  The Enterprise Risk Management Program is integrated with the existing management accountability framework and the internal controls framework of Bitreserve. 


Vision and Mission Statement: To be the most trusted and reliable system to transact any Crypto Currency to any financial instrument.